Why Can’t I Use Normal Ice Packs to Freeze Fat at Home?

Cryolipolysis is a well-known process, through which the careful application of sub-zero temperatures is used to induce fat cells’ death, preserving the skin and reducing body fat.

Some patients who used dry ice instead of professional medical equipment had wounds covering 4% of the entire surface of the abdomen.

Freezing fats at home with ice, dry ice, or ice packs is not worth the risk.

For fat freezing to work, without causing damage to the skin or nerves, the cold temperature must be maintained for a specific period without fluctuations. When trying to freeze fat at home with ice packs or other methods, it is impossible to maintain the required controlled temperatures due to body heat.

Some people try to cool the ice packs down, so they stay frozen for a more prolonged time, but this can damage the skin without the right gel pad or protection.

The Slim-Easy’s compression wraps and cold packs are engineered to carefully maintain a temperature of 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit, protecting the skin and making sure not to “freeze” the body. By maintaining a regulated temperature, the Slim-Easy offers the best possible results and takes precautions to keep users safe.