The Slim-Easy slimming kit brings fat freezing technology directly to your home.  Instead of the standard gel packs used in other devices, we use specially engineered compression wraps and multi-layered, dry ice cold packs to ensure that you get the coldest treatment possible.  Our product has also been tested to make it as safe as possible for you, which means you can safely trim excess fat without going to the gym (even though exercising helps)!

The Slim-Easy fat freezing system may be the most affordable fat freezing product on the market.  This system costs much less than the price of going to a spa or clinic and offers dry ice packs for a longer cold treatment.  Additionally, it provides users the flexibility of using the product in their own home.  Each kit also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.  You can count on this product to freeze unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, legs, and waist.

The Slim-Easy fat freezing kit is available in 3 sizes to meet all of your needs!  You can focus on just one area, such as your stomach, arms, or legs, or you can target all 3 areas with our convenient kits!  Each kit comes with neoprene straps, dry ice bags that freeze longer than the competition, a tape measure to gauge results, and a bag so you can take your kit anywhere.

Users reported seeing up to 3″ removed from the waist and 1.5″ from the legs! * By using the Slim-Easy fat freezing kit, in combination with diet and exercise, you can be sure that you are reaching your desired goals.


How Slim-Easy works

Slim-Easy works by harnessing the science of fat freezing to deal with stubborn fat that seems impossible to lose.  When exposed to cold, fat cells crystallize (or freeze), leading to their death.  Once a fat cell dies and breaks down, it can be permanently removed from the lymphatic system, effectively eliminating fat.  Even if you don’t necessarily lose pounds, you can see up to 25% of fat reduced in treatment areas over time.

Fat is more sensitive to temperature than skin.  Studies have found that fat freezing is a promising and safe alternative to liposuction and other more invasive weight loss methods.

Unlike the technology used in the doctor’s office, there is no device to deliver the cold with the Slim-Easy home treatment. It works with a patented, easy-to-use neoprene strap that uses velcro and can be placed around the waist and abdomen, thighs, and any other area you want to focus on.  The cold element comes from dry ice packs that contain a unique refrigerant polymer powder that, when placed in the freezer, reaches the ideal fat freezing temperatures – between 30.2 and 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.


Main benefits of fat freezing

The apparent advantage of fat freezing is that it reduces unwanted fat, but it has  several other noteworthy advantages:

  1. Targeted fat reduction

Everyone’s body builds up and stores fat in different places and sometimes it’s not a place we would choose.  This is the primary distinction between weight loss and body fat reduction.  When you lose weight, you cannot select which fat your body burns.

Unlike weight loss, fat freezing is designed to target the specific areas you choose.  You place the applicator on the region of ​​your choice, giving you a localized fat reduction.  It works well even in difficult areas that tend to resist diet and exercise.

During the treatment, the applicator sends precise cooling through the skin, reaching under the surface.  It is not cold enough to damage skin and other tissues, but it is cold enough to kill fat cells.  In the weeks following the treatment your body gradually removes these dead fat cells, creating a slimmer body.

  1. Lower costs compared to surgery

You might be thinking, “Liposuction surgery also offers you specific fat reduction, right?”  Well yes, but at a much higher price.  The initial cost of liposuction surgery is already more than the cost of the Slim-Easy, not to mention the added costs of anesthesia, the operating room, medications, and more.

  1. Low risk

For most people, the impact of surgery is the main deterrent.  Although small when an experienced and certified plastic surgeon performs the procedure, any surgery carries serious risks.  However, fat freezing has far fewer risks.  It does have some side effects like brief numbness and redness in the area, but they are usually small and fade quickly.  There is no anesthesia and there is no bleeding.

  1. Effective results

Of course, any body fat reduction method aims to achieve the desired results, so how does the Slim-Easy compare?  The before and after photos speak for themselves.

  1. Easy on a busy schedule

Another major obstacle that prevents patients from undergoing liposuction is the scheduling problem. When you receive liposuction, you will be at the surgery center for several hours between preparation, surgery, and recovery.  Then once you go home you are out of commission for a few days while you recover and it takes several weeks to get back to intense physical activity.

Fat freezing takes care of these issues.  First of all, the procedure takes up to an hour to treat an area, and some treatments last only 35 minutes.  It is also not necessary to stop doing things during this period.  Many patients use the time to read, write, and reply to emails.  Better yet, there is no downtime after fat freezing.  It will have some temporary side effects, such as mild pain, numbness, or redness in the treatment area.  However, these effects are not enough to require rest to recover.

  1. Scarless

Another aspect of liposuction surgery that scares some patients is scarring.  There is no way to avoid it; each incision leaves a scar.  Of course, liposuction scars are usually small and inconspicuous, but if there is a way to avoid them entirely, why not?  Keep in mind that some people also tend to develop significant scars like keloids.  If you have developed large or significant scars in the past, fat freezing can be an excellent alternative to surgery.


Side effects of fat freezing

  1. It may sting a little

It shouldn’t come as a shock, but freezing body parts can hurt.  Super cold temperatures can cause burns and blisters to the abdomen, back, or “love handles;”  in other words, all the common points that fat freezing focuses on.

Some people experience mild pain right away, but one study suggests that delayed discomfort, about two weeks after freezing, is more standard.  In another study of 554 fat freezing or cryolipolysis appointments, patients reported that post-procedure pain resolved after 3-11 days.

  1. Other mild side effects

The Slim-Easy works by freezing cells.  It is safe, but sometimes people experience numbness and other side effects, including:

  • redness
  • swelling
  • sensitivity

The good news?  Symptoms usually disappear within two weeks of treatment.