What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is a non-surgical, fat reduction process that uses cold temperatures to lower fat deposits in different areas of the body.  It is designed to reduce localized fat deposits that do not respond to diet and physical exercise. It is not intended for obese or significantly overweight people.


Benefits of Fat Freezing

There are many advantages to freezing fat, including:

  1. Awesome, Natural-Looking Results

Fat freezing produces natural-looking results that occur gradually. The results of the treatment can already be seen after three weeks, with significant results seen after three to six months.  Results progress naturally, making it easier for you to keep the fact that you are using the treatment private, if you prefer.

  1. No Need for Inactivity and Recovery Time is Zero

Unlike many surgical procedures that result in a lot of downtime, fat freezing is a non-surgical process. The treatment uses freezing to kill fat cells in the body.  This may lead to a certain level of redness and swelling, but it is possible to return to daily activities right after treatment with minimum hassle.

  1. Long-Term Results

One of the greatest advantages of fat freezing is that it results in fat cells being permanently eliminated. When dieting, fat cells decrease in size but remain in the body, which makes it easier for fat to return.  If you maintain healthy habits you don’t have to worry about fat returning. However, with a fat freezing treatment, even if you gain weight, the fat is distributed evenly.

  1. Efficiency

Fat freezing has the ability to target more problem areas at a time, so the thinning process is faster. Specific treatment areas include thighs, stomach, upper arms, hips, and more. Suitable candidates for this treatment are within 5 to 7 kg of their ideal weight.


How to Maximize the Benefits of Fat Freezing

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Drink at least 2.5 liters of water/liquid a day to support the lymphatic system
  • Reduce your caffeine intake to no more than 2 cups a day
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to 1 or 2 drinks per week
  • Exercise regularly


Physical activity, or exercise, is always advantageous.  Regular exercise is beneficial for the lymphatic system because the pumping action of the muscles supports lymphatic circulation.

Although the cryolipolysis destroys fat cells, it does not eliminate all fat cells in the treated area. Therefore, it is possible to acquire weight after treatment if you do not maintain healthy habits.


How to Make the Fat Freezing Process Most Effective

To ensure the effectiveness of fat freezing, regular diet and exercise should not be abandoned. Fat freezing decomposes about 20 percent of fat cells in the targeted area. It is an excellent way to eliminate areas of fat that will not disappear with diet and exercise. However, you still have to be careful with what you eat after the procedure. Fat freezing reduces the number of fat cells in the body, but the remaining cells can still expand if you do not eat a healthy diet. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay healthy and keep weight off after fat freezing.

Before Fat Freezing

Before beginning fat freezing treatments you must be able to maintain a stable weight. Gaining a significant amount of weight before or after the procedure will negate its effects. Most people meet with their family doctor or a dietitian to discuss a healthy food plan that will help them maintain their fat freezing results.

After Fat Freezing


To avoid getting fat after the procedure, your diet should consist mainly of healthy food like lean proteins, healthy fats, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Try to avoid baked goods, chips, and other junk food. Consuming your favorite foods is fine from time to time, but junk food should not be a consistent part of your diet. Before parties, celebrations, and holidays, make a plan to eat in moderation.


Fat freezing can help you get a more toned figure and you can maximize these results by exercising. You can start training immediately after the procedure and its results are great motivation to continue working out.  A combination of cardio training exercises and weights will help you maintain your weight and stay toned. You can participate in a gym, take group fitness classes, train with a friend, or follow exercise videos at home.


Side Effects of Fat Freezing

Some common side effects of fat freezing include:

  1. Numbing sensation at the treatment site
  2. Pain, such as burning or soreness, at the treatment site
  3. Temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and skin sensitivity at the treatment site


Living a Fat-Free Life with Fat Freezing

Lowering fat with fat freezing has more benefits than other methods of losing fat, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

Fast and Easy

For those with active lifestyles or those who are eager to avoid prolonged treatment, fat freezing can be done in a very short time.


Compared to other fat removal techniques, fat freezing is recognized as one of the cheapest treatment options.  In general, freezing fat costs approximately 50 percent less than the price of liposuction due to the lack of expensive equipment required to carry out the procedure.