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The Science Of Fat Freezing

Animation is exaggerated to better visualize results.

Subcutaneous Fat Cells when exposed to cold (39-41 Degrees Fahrenheit) begin to crystallize and start a process called apoptosis or programmed cell death. This process breaks down fat cells and allows your body to remove “dead” cells permanently through the lymphatic system.

Fat Freezing theory came about when researchers noticed that kids who ate popsicles had dimples. This was caused by the cold of the popsicle temporarily reducing the size of fat cells in their cheeks.

Fat cells have 2 reactions when exposed to cold. 1. They die. 2. They shrink. That’s why getting the right temperature when freezing fat is essential. If it’s too cold you could suffer hypothermia or burns. To “warm” and you’re just wearing a cold belt hoping it shrinks the fat cells.

Fat Freezing and Slim-Easy work in 4 easy steps:

1. Normal Fat Cells found in your body (usually stubborn fat).

2. Cold is applied to desired area (Slim-Easy applies directly to the area you want in a safe and effective manner).

3. Fat cells start the apoptosis process causing “fat cell death”.

4. Dead fat cells are flushed from the body, leaving a more tone area behind.


How Slim-Easy Uses Fat Freezing Technology In Its Kit

Slim-Easy consists of two uniquely engineered advancements which make up the world’s first and most effective, at home fat freezing system.

1. Engineered Compression

Engineered compression wraps are designed to insulate & extend the optimal temperatures needed to safely and quickly lose weight without causing damage or adverse effects on your skin. Slim-Easy’s wrap is designed to maintain a temperature of 35-45° when used correctly to help make sure your kit is effectively targeting fat cells.

All this so you can stay safe and to allow you to get on with your busy day doing the activities you know and love.*

2. Dry Ice Cold Packs

Slim-Easy dry ice cold pack technology uses specially engineered cold packs consisting of a unique refrigerant polymer powder. Each layer has a different purpose. The outer layer works to insulate the inner layer to further extend cooling while maintaining comfort by contouring to your body.

The inner layers special formula allows it to harden significantly more and drop to a much colder temp than traditional refrigerants. This allows the dry ice cold packs to reach temperatures up to 16-22° lower and maintain their temperature 6 times longer which triggers optimal fat cell death.*

How To Use The Slim-Easy Fat Freezing Kit

-Run the dry ice cold packs under water to activate the refrigerant polymer

-Wait for the dry ice cold pack to inflate

-Dry water from cold pack.

-Freeze for 24 hours

-Insert frozen dry ice cold pack into the designated pouch on the compression wrap.

-Wear for 1 hour a day (3-4 times minimum, daily for faster results)

It’s that easy!


SO What Are You Waiting For!

This technology when used for a minimum of 1 hour, 5 times per week over a 10 week period results in visible fat loss, tighter skin, and reduction in cellulite in treated areas. It’s simple to use, works on any body type and comes with easy to follow instructions you can perform at home.

So what are you waiting for?? Order yours today to Join thousands around the world who’ve transformed their bodies with Slim-Easy!

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