As we age, we begin to notice that extra little love on our belly, making it damn near impossible to wear those jeans we love so much without having the infamous ‘muffin top’. Belly fat can be some of the most stubborn fat to get rid of due to multiple reasons such as a hormone imbalance, eating too much sugar, carbs, or salt, and even stress.

But the biggest reason you aren’t seeing that belly fat disappear in a timely manner, is probably due to not fully understanding how to get rid of it. Leaving that extra weight can lead to serious complications, not only with your general health, but with your self confidence and overall happiness. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and that stubborn belly fat gives us neither.

At-Home Fat Freezing Kits

If you find that the traditional methods aren’t working for you in getting rid of your stubborn belly fat, at-home fat freezing kits are right for you. An FDA approved technology that has been backed by science and medical professionals. They work by freezing your fat cells, causing the fat to undergo cell death. Our bodies use fat as energy, but that left over fat that isn’t being used up sits in our bodies, growing by the numbers. When we exercise, that fat is dispersed, but never truly goes away. However, fat freezing eliminates these cells once and for all, allowing you to say goodbye to those love handles.

The process is known as apoptosis, which is the release of inflammatory molecules around the treatment area. The body naturally processes the dead cells, transports them through the lymphatic system, and eliminates them. Because fat tissue is more vulnerable in cold temperatures, other tissue surrounding the area such as skin, nerves, vessels, and muscles are not damaged or harmed in the process, only the fat tissue. So unlike the invasive treatments such as liposuction where they must cut through skin and surrounding tissue and nerves, fat freezing target the fat cells and those cells only.

At-home fat freezing kits are also extremely to use. Kits such as Slim-Easy At-Home Fat Freezing Kits just need to be placed in the freezer over night, then worn for an hour a day for 10 weeks. It’s that simple. You see results in as little as three to ten weeks, without the hassle of spending every day in the gym. Fat freezing also has little to no side effects. The only effect it has is slight numbing and tingling on the treatment area.

Aerobic Exercise

It also works extremely well when paired with exercise. If exercise hasn’t been working for you, it might be because you’re doing the wrong ones. Most believe that to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, you must work out the core, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Abdominal exercises are great for gaining muscle, but not for getting rid of fat. Spot reduction, or losing fat in a specific spot, isn’t possible, so no matter how many crunches or ab exercises you do will not help.

Aerobic exercises will however.

Walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. has major effects on the reduction of belly fat. This is because aerobic activity requires fat to be used as a primary fuel source. If you can go for a small walk or run in the morning, you’ll be able to see great results. Swimming is also extremely great at losing weight, and because you’re already wet, you won’t notice the sweat!

Stubborn belly fat, or any stubborn fat, can be detrimental to not only our physical health, but our mental health as well. Especially when our methods don’t seem to be working. And although our physical health is important, it is equally important, if not more, to maintain our mental health. That stubborn fat can seriously harm our mental state of being, causing depression and a great lack of self-esteem, that can ultimately harm our day to day experiences. So go and get rid of those love handles once and for all with at home fat freezing!