By now you’ve probably heard of the revolutionary technology that is fat freezing. An easier and better alternative than traditional methods to getting rid of those problem areas that never want to leave. What was once only done in clinics has now been brought to your front door, allowing you the comfort of freezing your fat away in your own home while doing virtually anything you want!

But what are the side effects? The results? Surely freezing your fat at home can’t be safe!

Although it seems too good to be true, sometimes, that isn’t the case. Fat freezing is safe to use, affordable, and has amazing results.

The Side Effects

The great aspect about freezing your fat away at home, is there are little to no side effects. Unlike invasive surgery like liposuction where you not only go under the knife, but take weeks to recover, fat freezing is painless and side effect free. The minimal effects that can happen include temporary redness, a tingling sensation, tenderness, numbness, and some itchiness. However, these normally dissipate once the wrap is removed and you go about your day.

Within test cases, there’s never been one reported case of discomfort or pain, other than tingling sensations due to the cold temperature. And for those that are thinking “But what about frostbite?” Let your mind at ease! Frostbite occurs when temperatures drop below -10C, which the system is designed to stay well above this fresh old.

When using the device as directed, the system triggers the body to engage in the fat freezing process without harming your skin. Cold temperatures affect fat cells differently than they do other cells and nerves. So whereas liposuction must cut through the necessary tissue and nerves to dispel the fat, fat freezing does not harm your body. It only targets the fat, which then allows your body to naturally eliminate the fat once and for all.

So for those that have those problem areas such as love handles, or leg/arm flaps, at home fat freezing kits are perfect for you!

The Results

Obviously, results can vary depending on the individual and the frequency of use. Not one body is the same, and if you aren’t using your fat freezing kits as directed, then your results will vary from another. However, most people who use these kits begin to see results within 3-10 weeks when using the system daily. To get the best results, using the kits an hour a day, for 10 weeks, allows maximum fat loss. As they say, “The more you use it, the more you lose it!”

Although it isn’t necessary, fat freezing kits, such as Slim-Easy, work even more amazing when paired with diet and exercise. The triple whammy! When doing all three together, it improves circulation and health, accelerating results and allowing you to achieve your goals once and for all.

When it comes down to it, it’s an easy answer. With little to no side effects, affordability, and amazing results, what’s there to lose?