Anyone who has thought about trying at home fat freezing, has all wondered the same thing; why can’t I just uses ice packs to get rid of my fat? What’s the difference between DIY fat freezing and At-Home Fat Freezing kits? I know it might seem doable, especially in the DIY culture we have found ourselves in today, but fat freezing is not one of those things you should ever DIY.

What many don’t understand, is that the science and technology is way more complicated than that, and it takes more than just ice packs on your skin to get rid of those fat cells. Below is a small guide as to why you should never attempt DIY fat freezing.

Science of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing works by destroying fat cells with controlled freezing temperatures while also reducing damage to the surrounding skin, nerves, vessels, and muscles. Fat tissue is more vulnerable in cold temperatures than other tissues, which is why these cells are destroyed while the others are not.

When fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures, they undergo a process called apoptosis, or fat cell death. This is the release of inflammatory molecules around the treatment area. Over the course of a few weeks to a couple months, the body naturally transports the dead cells through the lymphatic system, and eliminates them. This isn’t just an ice pack on your problem area, but a scientific based technology that is specifically designed to eliminate fat with minimal damage.

But although fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other tissues, if the temperature is too cold, or below freezing, this can cause irreparable damage to your tissue, nerves, and skin. For fat cell death to occur, the optimum temperature must stay just above freezing, which is about 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperature are below this, it can cause some serious damage. Not only does it cause damage to your body, but it negates the whole purpose of fat freezing because it becomes ineffective in killing your fat cells.

DIY Fat Freezing

Although it may seem like you can replicate this product, the technology is more complicated than using ice. For the last several years, this technology has been developed, tested, and improved to deliver perfectly controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat. However, because some think they can do this at home, they have tried to copy the procedure by using ice and other frozen products, which can be not only ineffective, but potentially dangerous.

At home fat freezing kits, as well as clinical fat freezing, uses a process that causes remaining fat cells in the area to shrink and destroy themselves over several weeks. DIY fat freezing often involves ice cubes and other frozen materials that when applied to the body, only freezes your skin and gets rid of no fat cells because it isn’t in the optimum temperature range that dual targeting technology has succeeded in. It also carries the risk of frostbite, numbness, pain, and permanent tissue damage. So when it comes to DIY projects, stick to the arts and crafts and leave fat freezing to the experts!